Black and White Maxima Clam Seen in the Wild


Wild Black and White Maxima

Our contact in the Marshall Islands has been very busy since his last update, and the latest set of images that he sent our way shines a little light as to why. Chuck has naturally taken to SCUBA diving, after all there’s not a whole lot to do when your stuck on an atoll in the middle of the Pacific and sitting at the water’s edge kicking his feet around in the tidepools could never be enough. With each trip into the ocean, our Kwajalein-locked friend has really been honing his underwater photography skills, as the images keep getting better and better. Chuck’s latest offering includes my single most coveted piece of marine life, the black and white Tridacna maxima clam (seen above), along with tons of pictures of huge Acropora colonies and other clams. Chuck also revealed that he’s been making frequent dive trips with a renowned fish collector, who has apparently been showing him the ropes of that side of the hobby. I doubt Chuck will be ditching his day job to catch fish for a living, but who in this great hobby gets to claim they been collecting fish in the wild?

Thanks again Chuck for sharing these wonderful images with us. We look forward to more contributions in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to “settle” with the handful of images below.


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