Qatar Getting a New Floating Island Resort


Qatar Floating Island Resort
Qatar and the other states that make up the Unite Arab Emirates are known to be on the cutting edge of over the top architecture, not even limiting themselves to building just on land. One of their latest structural wonders is a semi-submerged floating island resort. The $500 million amphibious resort sits right in the middle of a marine reserve and features four massive hotels, each with underwater rooms. If the submerged hotel room isn’t exclusive enough, you can also rent one of 80 self-contained floating suites, which happened to be called “Jelly-fish”. Each suite has five floors, one of which is an underwater lounge. On top of all that, there will apparently be hydrogen-powered yachts available to cruise around the seas. A massive saltwater aquarium is also rumored to be housed at the resort.

While this resort is quite attractive and all, we’re wondering what sort of damage it will do to the surrounding native life, especially given the fact that it is located in the middle of a marine reserve. Obviously the marine life will be impacted, but the real question is by what amount? Only time will tell of course.

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