Reef Octopus Cupid Skimmer Gets Final Update


A few days ago we showed off footage of a new skimmer from Reef Octopus that was still in the testing stage. Dubbed the Reef Octopus “Cupid”, the tiny in-tank protein skimmer shows off several new features in its final rendition that were completely lacking in the previous model. What’s new is the base plate and riser tube, along with the added flexibility of having some of the hanging brackets be removable. The first prototype we spied was simply sitting in an aquarium and allowing microbubbles to escape the open bottom of the skimmer and clouding up the tank. This update version forces bubbles out of a foam-topped riser tube, reminding us so much of skimmers from back in the day. The skimmer can apparently be run in-sump without all the hanging gear as well, though it would appear that due to the pump’s position on the body, the water level would have to be fairly deep for everything to work properly…after all, this is an in-tank skimmer.

We are currently unsure of the overall finalized dimensions and tank rating of this nano skimmer, but those will be made available at some point and we’ll update accordingly. We do know however that the chamber itself has a 3″ diameter, though we’re positive the footprint has grown a few inches.


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