The New TLF Goniopower, Food Designed with Goniopora in Mind


TLF Goniopower

Julian Sprung wasn’t just showing off his Thing at MACNA, he also showed off a new coral food. Developed with the help of Goniopora expert Justin Credabel Grabel, the new Goniopower is a powder-based food made up of all of the nutrients that a growing Goni needs. Justin has been devoting a lot of time to this particular genus of corals for the last several years now with all of that valuable experience culminating in a food tailored to meet all of this coral’s needs. The food is negatively buoyant, meaning it sinks and stays on the coral polyps longer, and is comprised of rotifers, copepods, and other nutrient rich organisms. The Goniopower will be available next month in a 30g jar, but price details are still unknown for now.


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