More Footage from Fish Gallery


While visiting one of our favorite Houston fish stores, Fish Gallery, to pick up the rare Rose Island Basslet, we couldn’t help but stop and shoot a brief video of the livestock from two of their beautiful display reefs. These tanks are just a couple of the display setups at the store, who also has several large freshwater displays and is in the process of setting up a massive Amazon tank.

The first tank is a larger setup that sports AquaIllumination Sol Blue modules. This particular tank houses some of the rarer fish in the store, including a black tang, a pair of Spotcinctus clownfish, and anthias galore. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time filming this tank, as we were watching the FG staff feeding the aforementioned basslet and some of the employees were tinkering around with the lightning mode of the AI lights. Despite that, we did manage to shoot a few seconds of video, and the tank is one we’d certainly like to revisit with a little more time.

The second aquarium, an Ocean Blue Kessil powered Oceanic Biocube, has been the subject of a couple of our videos before. This tank is hands down one of the best nano aquariums we’ve seen, and the deep blue light from the Kessil makes all of the colors pop like crazy. Most of the corals in this tank are of the soft, fleshy variety…which goes well with high water flow and blue glow. Black carbonate substrate is also used, which serves as the perfect background for sand dwelling corals to stand out against.


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