JBJ Unibody LED to Come in Three Sizes

JBJ Unibody Different Sizes

From Left to Right: Unibody 36, Unibody 54, and Unibody 108.

Late last year, JBJ made their big splash onto the LED lighting scene with their all new Unibody LED fixture. Originally only shown off in one size, the 54watt Unibody, we’ve recently come to discover, via the JBJ USA Facebook Page, that there are actually three completely different models in the lineup. We assume that this trio of sizes is meant to mirror the three different sizes of the rimless JBJ Nano-Cube aquariums that were also just released, but obviously these small yet powerful LED fixtures can target a whole range of other nano to mid-sized aquariums. The three models being offered are the Unibody 36, Unibody 54 (the original model), and Unibody 108. And from what we can tell, the major features are shared universally by all three models, with the only differences being the number of emitters in each model and obviously the size.

The Unibody 54, which was the first model to hit the market, has three rows of six LEDs and the total power consumption is 54watts (hence the name Unibody 54). We assume the two other models, the Unibody 36 and 108, share this naming structure, but we are unsure of how the LEDs will actually be laid out on the CNC machined aluminum block. Regardless of how things are actually laid out, we’re sure each fixture is designed to provide maximum coverage.

The two new Unibody models aren’t quite available on the aquarium equipment market as of yet, but given the fact that pre-production models are already being tested and inspected, we expect the new models to be hitting store shelves in no time. Prices also haven’t been revealed as of yet, but going off the price of the Unibody 54 ($350), the Unibody 36 will probably come in at in the mid-$200’s and the Unibody 108 most likely flirting with $500. Again, these are all speculative points on our part, but we’re confident these will be in the same ballpark as their actual prices.

A little more about these lights: The JBJ Unibody LED fixtures are both sleek and stylish, being made from a solid block of machined aluminum, not unlike the very snazzy Apple Macbook laptops. Each fixture sports multiple rows of blue and white triple spectrum diodes, with both colors being on separate channels and both being completely controllable. The controller can dial in the color spectrum anywhere between 6500K and 20000K, giving users a great deal of control over how blue or white their aquariums look.


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