Amazing Plate Coral Shows Up at Coral Gazers


Rainbow Plate Coral

We love highlighting jawdropping corals here at the AquaNerd Blog, and the crew at Coral Gazers has us gazing with awe at their latest stunning addition, a very beautiful and unique plate coral. Recently shown off on the company’s Reef2Reef Page, the drool inducing plate sports an orange base coloration with white stripes running along each of its septa, a deep purple mouth, and bright green polyps that are each tipped with a small dot of purple. Further adding to the allure, some of the tentacles are even forked like a snake’s tongue. This Fungiid coral is said to be about 3-4″ across when fully inflated, which is refreshing since most plate corals coming into the trade these days are usually an inch across or less. The retail price is approximately $500 shipped to your door, and isn’t available on the Coral Gazer’s website yet, so if it’s a must have in your tank be sure to contact the company through their Reef2Reef profile.


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