NERAC Happening Tomorrow



The aquarium event season is in full swing, and the event coordinators for the Long Island Reef Association are no doubt toiling away on their seventh annual Northeastern Reef Aquarium Conference (or NERAC), which takes place tomorrow. As usual, the event will happen at the famous Long Island Aquarium (also known as Atlantis Marine World Aquarium) in New York, and it will feature a healthy list of vendors and guest speakers. The speaker list consists of Julian Sprung, Peter Schmiedel, Dr. Sanjay Joshi, and Tony Vargas, who will cover topics like LED lighting and reef safe wrasses. The show opens up to the public at 8:30am, with the day being dotted with events throughout. An aquarium show staple, the raffle, will take place at 4:30 and after the show closes, the nightlife at the aquarium will heat up with a cocktail gathering and an open bar.

Ticket prices below.

As far as ticket prices go, there are a bunch of different options for attendees with varying objectives. To get into just the NERAC VII conference, a ticket will run a measly $15. If you want to make a day of it and get lunch at the show, the ticket price jumps to $35. For the aquarium enthusiast who wants to attend the conference and gain access to the aquarium, the price is $25 (which is a great deal in our opinions). For full show access, tickets are $85. To attend the evening cocktail party, a separate $50 ticket will need to be purchased.


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