The New Tunze Comline Nano Wavebox 6208


Tunze Comline Wavebox 6208

As part of the massive lineup overhaul, Tunze is releasing an updated Nano Wavebox to the masses as well. Using the same form factor as the Comline filters and the Nano Skimmer 9004, the new Nano Wavebox sports a sleeker new look over the model it will be replacing and will be getting a little extra boost in the water flow department. Using a Tunze Nanostream 6055 for flow, the compact wavemaker is suitable for tanks ranging from 35 to 210 gallons. An integrated magnet holder allows the box to be positioned virtually anywhere in the aquarium, and its small dimensions help it blend in with the rest of the filtration equipment, such as an overflow box. In terms of available accessories, the top of the Nano Wavebox 6208 can be swapped out with a intake lid that allows water at the surface to go into the wavemaker. This skims the surface to some extent, and pushes some of that water into deeper parts of the aquarium. The price on the Nano Wavemaker is set at $332, with the intake lid just a little more than $6 extra.

A brief demonstrational video from Tunze can be seen below.


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