The Saltwater Aquarist Meme T-shirt from Reef2Reef Has Arrived


Reef2Reef Saltwater Aquarist T-shirt

Way back in February, David Hammontree from Reef2Reef came up with a hilarious meme that perfectly described how the world views saltwater aquarists. The collection of photos quickly circulated throughout aquarium forums and social media sites, turning into an overnight sensation. Seeing as how popular the meme became, a t-shirt was created to mirror its funny message. Currently available to purchase on Reef2Reef’s website, the shirt will be offered in just about every size imaginable. The price for the shirt is $20 for the traditional sizes (S, M, L, and XL) with larger sizes going up in $1 increments per size.

One thing you might notice about this shirt is the fact that the photographs used in the actual meme have been replaced with drawings. We assume this was for two unreleated reasons, the first of which has to do with copyrights. In all likelihood, the images were pulled off the web and placed into the meme. Because the meme was free, it didn’t pose a problem. But to put it on a shirt and sell it is a whole different story. The second reason has to do with colors. Screen printing t-shirts isn’t cheap, especially when you have detailed photographs full of color. So, much simpler drawings were used. They still depict the same scenes seen in the photos, but were needed to make the shirt printable.

Thanks for the shirt David!


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