The GHL Mitras LED Goes on Pre-order, More Info Unveiled


GHL Mitras LED Fixtures
The new GHL LED pendant, which we have come to know as the Mitras, has officially been made available for pre-order through a select few dealers, such as Aqua Digital Inc. The light will officially go on sale as of September 1st, and the pre-order spots are quickly filling up. Even if you’re not in a rush to get one, a very generous 15% discount offered on all pre-orders, which should make things very interesting. In addition to that announcement, we’ve also got several other key details about the new fixture that continue to pique our interests.

Two different Mitras models will be available on release. These include the Mitra LX 6100, with a total of 60 LEDs, and the LX6100 + UV, which adds a four ultraviolet LEDs to the fixture to bring the the total up to 64. The Mitras LX6100 + UV model will sit at $1299 for one unit with a drop down to $1174 per unit if you purchase more than one. Obviously the non-UV model will be a little cheaper, but we’re not sure how much at this time.

Below is a long list of features the Mitras brings to the table. They were taken from the GHL website, which is written in German, so some translational errors may occur.

Modern technology allows unprecedented opportunities

  • Adjustable over a wide range of light spectrum
  • Very fine Dimmability by True Dimming Technology (TM by Linear Technology)
  • 2.4 GHz RF module integrated
  • With 60 or 64 high-power LEDs in 7 or 8 colors, you can use the light spectrum – set (range 400 nm 680 nm) and the light output to your exact requirements. Give your plants, fish and coral the light they need!
  • The settings can be done with a PC or via the control panel.
  • The lights can be used as standalone devices or as a function of other GHL lights or a ProfiLux aquarium computer.
  • About the built-in 2.4 GHz radio module can communicate lamps, ProfiLux and PC. The lights can thus be synchronized with special effects (such as thunderstorms or clouds).
  • 4 quiet fan and an innovative heat sink design for safe operation and ensure maximum light output with high energy efficiency.
  • Save 50% on energy costs compared to conventional lighting technology.

There are 3 color variations

  • Silver Metallic
  • Black
  • Front white, silver metallic body


  • The graphical display clearly on the current operating conditions. With the back-lit capacitive buttons can be easily made adjustments or special effects that be like a thunderstorm started.
  • Mitra can be connected via USB or 2.4 GHz radio with a PC. The convenient PC software for the operation of the lamp is available free of charge.


  • All eight channels are separately dimmable LED in up to 3000 levels. In addition to the variable light spectrum, a variety of functions can be implemented:
    • Sunrise
    • Cloud simulation (also called “gliding” across multiple lamps)
    • Storm simulation
    • Moon Phases
    • Rainy days

High Power LED

  • Provide 60 (64 with HV option) High Power LEDs for superior lighting performance
  • We use selected LEDs from Cree and Osram the latest generation.
  • The LEDs are not operated at maximum current, as this reduces the LED life and energy efficiency. It is much more efficient to use more LEDs at reduced power.
  • You can choose between two modes: High Output Mode (maximum power) and High Efficiency Mode (good light output with high efficiency).


  • Active cooling by 4 quiet temperature-controlled fan and passive cooling by generously dimensioned aluminum heat sink
  • Increases despite maximal cooling the temperature in the light of further, for example due to an increased ambient temperature, the brightness is reduced slowly and continuously.
  • The electronics and the LEDs are therefore always operated under optimal conditions.
  • Complete suspension set consisting of rope holder with height adjusters and steel cables
  • Efficient wide-range power supply (90 V – 264 V), IP 67, with all relevant certifications (such as CE, TUV, UR)
  • 6 individually replaceable LED cluster with optimum color mixing and uniform illumination
  • 4 optional interchangeable Hyper Purple (HV) – LEDs (420 nm)
  • Fast 32-bit ARM microcontrollers
  • Specially coated high-reflectors bring light into the depths, no unnecessary loss of scattered light to the side.
  • For very deep aquariums our optional Narrow Beam Reflectors are available for retrofitting. A mixed combination with standard reflectors and narrow-beam reflectors is possible.

Different Uses

  • Thanks to the integrated control and the built-in radio module can be used on every light in different ways.
    • As an independent light
    • As a master-light – controls one or more other lights Mitra
    • As a slave luminaire – is controlled by a master (or other ProfiLux Mitra)
    • To control the computer through a ProfiLux ProfiLux wireless interface required (not included).

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