AGE Getting in on the Dropoff Tank Designs


AGE Dropoff Tank

Dallas-based aquarium builders Acrylic and Glass Exhibits (AGE) are taking their unique, high end PVC bottom aquariums to a whole new level. Instead of sticking to just rectangle and bowfront shaped tanks, they are getting in on the dropoff tank craze with this 220+ gallon beauty. The tank and stand fit together like pieces in Tetris, and the set up makes for a dramatically looking display. A tank such as this is great in that it provides two different styles of aquaria in one. On top you have a shallow water reef, but it terminates into a deepwater column of rocks that provide a lot of useful vertical swimming space.

The tank has PVC bottom that is fitted with drains and returns at both levels. A traditional overflow box is located on the far left, and a drain and strainer are fixed to the bottom of the deep end. For return plumbing, the overflow box has a line that feeds back into the tank, and there’s one on the deeper end as well that is similar to what you’ll find in a closed loop.


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