The AquaNerd Weekly Recap


AquaNerd Weekly Recap

MACNA has officially ended and it’s time to slump back into our normal routine. But before we get too far into the groove of every day life, we’ll do a quick recap of the most popular articles from last week. Starting on the 23rd and running through the 29th, all of our most popular articles were MACNA related. We can’t say we’re too surprised, but we are a little surprised that not a single LED fixture made the list. Instead, we get a brief glimpse of MACNA during the setup phase, AGE shows off their version of the dropoff tank, MACNA 2013 was officially announced, Reef Octopus has another cone skimmer, the RoboSnail finally made it to the US, and ReefKoi brings one fine plate coral to the show. We hope you enjoyed the articles, and as always, we’ll have another week full of aquarium hobby coverage ahead of us, so stay tuned.


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