Getting All Crazy Like with a New In-wall Build


Tandem Garage In-wall Aquarium

With a growing family comes the need to move into a bigger place. And with a bigger place comes the opportunity for more and larger aquariums. In the hunt for the new home, I’ve made sure that I’m getting in on my dream build, though it may take a while to complete, and it’s going to come in the form of a big in-wall aquarium. My wife and I stumbled across a floor plan that we could both agree on, and I will be walling off a section o the garage to houses the aquarium and anything else I could add to the system, such as a frag tank and fish breeding setup.

The garage has room for three cars arranged in tandem. The spot that I will be takin over sits opposite of a game room and is roughly 10′ x 15′. I will be talking my time with the build and will have to install a functioning sink, a small air conditioner, and a couple of big workbenches. I have no idea on the size of the aquarium at this point, but I will likely limit it to 6 or 7 feet in length with a minimum width of 3 feet. I am leaning on making the aquarium quite tall as well, but again those details are still yet to be determined.

In order to not be fully overtaken by aquariums at the new place, which is scheduled for a February to March completion, I will be scaling back the number of aquariums. This means the 90-gallon rimless will be getting sold, though I plan on keeping my current frag tank and just adding it to the new build.

I don’t rush through things like this, so the build may not start until the middle of next year or later, which gives me tons of planning time. In the meantime, I would love to see some big in-wall builds for inspiration.


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