Tip of the Day – 12/23/2012


Christmas is just a couple of days away, and with it comes all of the hectic traveling and hosting that often makes the joyous holiday a bit stressful. To add to the stress, there are a whole lot more people wandering dangerously close to your reef aquarium, you know, that pride and joy that’s taken you years to get to where it is. And all it takes is one overly curious family member, regardless of age, to bring it all crashing down. We’ve heard horror stories of people treating reef tanks like wishing wells and tossing coins into the water, dumping in fistfulls of fish food to seemingly hungry fish, accidentally unplugging important aquarium hardware, or even fidgeting with aquarium controllers and causing all sorts of damage. So, keep your eye on those curious friends and relatives this holiday season, and maybe even put a lock on your aquarium stand and hood. If you don’t have a hood, you can always put a mesh screen over the top to keep things out of the tank.


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