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We think every aquarium hobbyist should work in the industry at some point in their life long trek, so we share every job opening that comes across our computer screen whenever we have the opportunity. The latest aquarium jobs come to us from Bulk Reef Supply, who have two new positions available in the form of a Customer Service Manager and a Telephone Customer Service Specialist. Both positions require significant hands on time with customers, making sure they’re as happy as they can be, and both require some experience with sales and various other things. Of course, the ideal candidate will join a great team at BRS, as they have customer service oozing out of every pore, or at least that’s been our experience thus far.

For the full breakdown of each position, head to the BRS website (see link above). We had originally intended to list all of the details of each position here, but both jobs have quite an extensive list of requirements and responsibilities, so we just included abbreviated details that center around the primary responsibilities.

Customer Service Manager

The Customer Service Manager will be responsible managing the tasks related to timely and accurate assistance to customers with a variety of needs relating to their orders, aquariums, reef systems, fish or other aspects related to aquariums through an in-bound telephone queue or responding on-line via email or through live chat functions.

Primary Responsibilities:

Reputation and Feedback Management

  • Determines staffing needs to ensure coverage for the in-bound telephone, email, fax and live chat queue based on historical or forecasted call volume to meet customer needs.
  • Sets goals (Rocks) for department and determines team objectives.
  • Monitors productivity of customer service specialists and prepares related reports and forecasts.
  • Holds customer service specialists accountable to meet metric standards and goals.
  • Recommends and implements customer interaction strategies and procedures that enhance the overall customer service experience.
  • Provide real-time monitoring of customer service calls to observe employee demeanor, technical aptitude/accuracy and adherence to company policies and procedures.
  • Provide constructive feedback to motivate customer service specialists and expand their capabilities. Identify training needs required for responding to customer needs.
  • Standardizes procedures for department to ensure efficient workflow and customer satisfaction.

…and many more located on the BRS website.

Telephone Customer Service Specialist

The Telephone Customer Service Specialist will be responsible for timely and accurate assistance to customers through an in-bound telephone queue or responding on-line via email or through live chat functions. Customer Service Specialists assist with a variety of needs relating to customer orders, aquariums, reef systems, fish or other aspects related to aquariums.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provides support for customers utilizing an in-bound telephone system, email and fax correspondence and live chat.
  • Answers questions from customers on various aspects of our products, aquariums health, reverse osmosis, reef systems or other related questions by providing targeted industry or product knowledge.
  • Informs customer of unit prices, shipping date, anticipated delays, and any additional information needed by customer.
  • Advise customer of changes in order fulfillment. Coordinates with production, shipping, order fulfillment or other departments to expedite or trace missing or delayed shipments.
  • Receives customer complaints, recommends best course of action, involving Customer Service Manager or other employees as needed and follows through to completion.
  • Process customer orders, changes or returns according to established department policies and procedures to include offering credits when applicable.
  • Writes or types order form, or enters data into order system or database to determine total cost for customer.
  • Assist with the wholesale application account process, customer prize drawings and give-a-way programs.
  • Participate in team meetings and projects, to include developing departmental goals, procedures and systems.
  • Participates in other departmental, company and manager meetings as necessary.
  • Other duties, reports and specialized projects as needed

…and many more located on the BRS website.


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