Hawaii SB1240 Could Devastate Fishery



We are here to help spread the word about some very damaging legislation that will close down Hawaiian fisheries and negatively impact the income of thousands of people and businesses across the country.  Please join us in signing the petitions by clicking the links below.  Thanks to member on the Reef2Reef for posting this on the forum!

Hello fellow Reef2Reef members,

As some of you may know, there has been a big pushback on the collection of fishes from Hawaii for many years now. Legislation has been written to fully close down the Hawaii fishery (meaning no more Hawaiian fish collection), greatly limit the Hawaiian fishery, and everything in between. Every time the bill’s have not passed, until now.

Hawaii SB1240 has passed the House and Senate, now awaiting Governor Ige’s signature.

The bill was amended several times prior to passing, however, if enacted would cripple one of the best-managed fisheries in the world.

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This bill would quickly lead to Hawaii fishes having astronomical cost increases, although most concerning is overlooking the comprehensive data collected over the years proving how incredibly sustainable the fishery is, which could pave the way for this to happen to other fisheries.

We must encourage Governor Ige to veto this bill.

Click here to show Governor Ige we want this bill vetoed. (most important route)

Click here to sign another petition to veto this bill.

Still not sure?

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