Cairns Marine Looking to Hire Aquarist in Australia

Cairns Marine Aquarist Job Opening

A look inside of the Cairns Marine facilities. Photo taken from the Cairns Marine Facebook page.

Cairns Marine, a prestigious and well known marine livestock collecting company located in Australia, has a very exciting job opportunity for those looking to expand upon their aquarium keeping experiences. They recently listed a position on their Facebook page for an Animal Husbandry Assistant/Aquarist at their facility, and it’s a position that requires past experience, a flexible schedule, dedication to a 32+ hour work week that includes weekends, and a love for life in the tropics. That last one is a tough one huh? While no other specific details were listed, we can only assume that the position involves regular water changing and testing, fish feeding and health monitoring, livestock packaging for shipping, quarantining, and possibly even collecting. Of course, if you don’t want to take our word for it, you could always shoot your resume and any pertinent questions over to They’ll be happy to fill you in on specifics.


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