Unusual Build Thread on Reef Central Focuses on Reef Fish Cookies


Jason Langer Peppermint Angelfish Cookie

There has never been a tastier build thread on any aquarium forum ever! Back in February, we discovered some amazing reef fish cookies made by Jason Langer. A month later and due to popular demand, Jason had laid out the most interesting build thread on Reef Central detailing how he made each of the cookies, all the way from conceptual drawings to the finished product. Given the fact that we just loved the detail of the cookies, we couldn’t help but indulge our sweet tooth a little more by sharing the best of what that cookie build thread had to offer.

To start off the cookie making process, Jason first draws a generalized version of a fish, such as a Pomacanthus angelfish. From there, he carefully bends a thin sheet of copper to make the cookie cutter, which is obviously used to create the fish cookie blanks. After baking the blanks, the real artist emerges. Jason puts colored icing each of the cookies in such a way that it recreates fish colors, stripes, and other species specific identifying marks. To finish the fish, icing eyes are added, as well as whatever final touches are required.

Of course, this is an oversimplificatio of the very intricate process. Regardless, Jason does a fantastic job bringing these cookies to life with their vibrant and spot on colors. We would sort of feel guilty eating them, assuming we get the opportunity.

Pomacanthus Angelfish Cookie Cutter

Jason Langer Reef Fish Cookie Cutters

Jason Langer Reef Fish Cookie Blanks

Jason Langer Basslet Cookies

Jason Langer Peppermint and Bandit Angelfish


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