Vertex Omega 150 Added to Reef Savvy Charity Raffle


Vertex Omega 150

Over the weekend, we posted about the generous donation by Reef Savvy in support of St. Jude’s “Give Thanks. Walk” charity to help families in need cover their medical bills. As part of that donation, Reef Savvy was giving away one of their aquariums through selling raffle tickets, with other companies chipping in to help make the tank complete. In addition to the tank, Marco Rocks donated a full CherryScape, Synergy Reef Systems a custom sump designed for this aquarium, Reeftop Aquariums will be donating a return pump, and now we have another extremely generously gifted item being added to the list. Global Oceanic Life, a wholesaler we came across at MACNA this year, is donating a Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer.

If you would like to help suppor this worthy cause, be sure to visit the St. Jude donation website.


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