Picture of the Week, Yellow Watchman Goby


Yellow Watchman Goby

We may have recently shared this image of the yellow watchman goby on our Facebook page, but we liked it so much that we decided to put it on the site itself. This fish is such a common staple of the aquarium trade that we’d be willing to be that most of you have had one. If that’s not the case, then we are sure you at least know someone who has. Regardless, this staple of the aquarium industry has so much personality to go with its vibrant yellow coloration and blue markings. They stay small, making them ideal for nano aquariums, and they often pair up with pistol shrimp to take that unique nature to a whole new level.

Part of the reason we keep sharing this images is due to the fact that it was taken with a cell phone. Granted, it’s the latest version of the iPhone, but even zoomed in, the image has some pretty remarkable detail. That said, the sensor does struggle with the heavy blue LED lighting, that’s why the colors look a little off.

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