Dr. Seuss Soapfish, Pelicher’s Perchlet and Others Immortalized in Tasty Cookie Form

Dr. Seuss Soapfish Reef Cookies

Photo Credit: Jason Langer

Who would have thought that the glamorously colored Dr. Seuss Soapfish and Pelicier’s Perchlet would be equally as tasty? Well, one cookie happy reef keeper is trying out that bold statement, sort of. Jason Langer, whose work we have been following for some time now, recently whipped up a fresh batch of his famous  reef fish cookies, this time featuring a whole new cast of characters. Jason has made tons of cookies and posted them on places like Reef Central and his personal Facebook page, with peppermint angelfish and bandit angels being some of the most notable fish. This time around, his attention has shifted to some othe rarities, like the soapfish and perchlet we’ve already mentioned, along with tons of wrasses, blennies, and others.

Pelicier’s Perchlet Reef Cookies

Photo Credit: Jason Langer

We love the detail put into each and every cookie, and Jason isn’t keeping his tricks secret by any means. He posted a reef fish cookie build thread, which details how the cookie cutters were created and how the intricate icing brought the sugary blanks to life.

While we aren’t fortunate enough to be able taste the cookies, or even smell them baking, we can induce a little salivary action with the gallery of reef fish cookies below.


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