Time Change Reminder for You Controller Happy Hobbyists


Orphek PR156W XP Timer Illuminated

If you’re like most hobbyists and have all of your lighting, and possible some other equipment, set up on timers and aquarium controllers, then you might want to look at the schedule again and make some adjustments. As you probably are aware, the time jumped forward an hour on us last night, ushering in longer days and warmer weather. And while that one hour isn’ a significant length of time, it would have a big impact on how long you can view your aquarium or it might change up some dosing schedules or whatever else you have tied to the time of your aquarium. Luckily, making the adjustment is super simple (usually), and your fish and corals won’t be phased by the slight shift of their day. So, if your controller and/or timers don’t adjust the new time, eithe by choice or by limited functionality, then you might want to turn those dials and mash those buttons so that your tank’s lights come on exactly when you want them to.


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