Tip of the Day – 3/12/2014


If you are setting up a new aquarium and aren’t sure if it will fit through the door, then you should build a life sized replica from wood or cardboard and see how the dummy tank makes it through the house and into its final resting place. While it might be easy to assume your tank is going to fit in smoothly, you really don’t want to take that risk. Besides the inconvenience of not fitting, the tank could get chipped or cracked as you and your friends do whatever is necessary to get that glass box through the door. So, before you even order your tank, first settle on dimensions and build a replica to see how the fit works. This replica can also be used to gauge the amount of space the tank will take up in the room it will be housed, and it can give you a good idea of where to place other items (live rock, extra power outlets, etc). Sure, this replica might cost a few bucks to make, but the “better safe than sorry” approach could end up saving you countless dollars that you might have to spend on rising a broken tank.


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