Clownfish Cookies Steal the Show at the MBI Workshop

Lightning Maroon Clownfish Cookie Jason Langer

Photo Credit: Jason Langer

The MBI Workshop went down this weekend, like it does every year around this time, and besides playing host to the most renowned marine fish and invertebrate breeders in the aquarium industry, guests were also treated to the best fish cookies this hobby has ever seen. Our pal Jason Langer is a world class cookie maker, tying his two hobbies together in a very creative way. Over the past year and a half, we’ve been covering all of Jason’s works in as much detail as possible, and he has basically become the de facto guy for all of your fish cookie needs. For the MBI Workshop, he made hundreds of clownfish cookies, using this unique attention to detail to capture the intricacies of even the lightning maroon clownfish.

Detailed in the gallery we’ve provided are some of the most famous clownfish in the hobby, all in cookie form. Jason recreated Picasso clownfish, Snowflake clownfish, Sanjay’s Photon clownfish, the popular PNG Morse Code clownfish, and so many more. For obvious reasons, the PNG Lightning Maroon Clown is our favorite, but all the cookies just look so wonderful.

The cookies were all individually packaged and were available at the MBI Workshop as a nice little sugary snack. Guests could grab their favorite and start munching away. And from the looks of it, there were plenty of each flavor to go around.

Jason Langer Clownfish Cookies MBI

Photo Credit: Tal Sweet


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