Jason Langer’s Reef Fish Cookies are Awesome


Queen Angelfish Jason Langer

Because it’s Friday and Halloween is right around the corner, our sweet tooth is in absolute overdrive. To help indulge our snack happy side, we wanted to feature cookies from our friend, Jason Langer. The cookies were hand made and feature incredible detail that truly captures the beauty of each species. Jason’s cookies have become so popular, in fact, that the Marine Breeding Initiative had Jason make them a batch that included the lightning maroon clownfish and ORA had him make their entire line of clownfish in cookie form. Jason truly has a talent that has captivated us in every way.

The process to make these culinary treats is seemingly simple. Jason makes a mold of the fish’s shape based on images on he web. He then makes a bunch of cookie blanks that are devoid of color or much detail. From there, the fish are iced up, which is where the magic really happens.


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