Tunze to Release Aquarium Controller 7000


Tunze is making several new product announcements at InterZoo in Nuremberg, Germany this weekend as previously mentioned in our last article.  Today, Tunze for the 1st time, is getting into the the all-in-one controller market with it’s Controller 7000.

We have learned a little about the Controller 7000 an what we know so far is that it will have the ability to run Tunze pumps, LED lights and switch all other brands of lights and devices on and off by a switched socket with standard 3 prong US plug adaptors for the US market.  Tunze also plans to offer options for universal control of other devices and from other manufactures.  The Controller will also include and port for controlling and monitoring  temperature and pH.  The pH control set will be optional, but temp control is built in and this will replace any existing stand alone temp and pH controllers that you may currently be using.  Like the new Apex controller, the Tunze controller comes with onboard WiFi that can be programmed via a touch pad or by any smartphone, computer or tablet device with web browser access.

The unique selling point is affordability and ease of use as the Controller 7000 uses simple menus and graphic inputs with no coding experience necessary.  Tunze tells us that the product is fully developed and operational but Tunze engineers plan further updates before it’s expected release date of September of this year.

Like the Stream 3 pump the price is and will be about $350.00.


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