Casco Pure Media for Large Tanks and Retail Shops



On July 11th we shared a new product announcement from Casco Pet called the Purge Filter. Well, Casco is back in the news again with another new product simply called, Pure.

Pure Media is a biological media similar to the Fauna Marin Bacto Balls but it has a much larger form factor for very large aquariums or retail store fish systems. Pure Media is almost the size of a tennis ball whereas Bacto Balls are about the size of a standard marble. The media is simple to use. To use the media, simply place it in the sump of filtration area where it will slowly dissolve as it goes to work. After 1 month drop in a new sphere of Pure Media and the process begins again.

Casco Pure Features and Benefits

  • Up to 50% reduction in fish mortality
  • Rapidly matures new filters and aquariums
  • Digests waste and clears water
  • Reduces detritus and maintenance
  • Repairs damaged biological filters
  • Eliminates New Tank Syndrome
  • Reduces overall maintenance and labour
  • Eliminates toxic spikes in ammonia and nitrite
  • 2 Year shelf life

CASCO Pure is designed to help you to create the perfect environment for your aquatic animals with the least amount of effort. The unique gel ball contains live beneficial bacteria and enzymes that rapidly mature and cycle new systems and systems with variable stock levels. CASCO Pure coverts toxic ammonia and nitrite into the much safer nitrate, significantly reducing fish lost due to poor water quality and new tank syndrome.

How does it work?

When the level of toxins and waste in the water is greater than in the pure ball the bacteria within will leave the ball and eat ammonia and nitrite toxins, keeping your water clean and your fish healthy. The remaining bacteria will stay within the ball and continue to consume the bacteria food source ensuring that the Pure ball will function for many weeks. CASCO Pure is ideal for helping eliminate ammonia and nitrite spikes when receiving a new delivery of fish, helping to reduce fish mortality. CASCO Pure is ideal for starting up a new aquarium as well as already established aquariums. It is also available for all types of marine setups. To learn more about Pure visit the Casco website.



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