Reef Pearls Coral Food


Reef Pearls

In addition to the new PO4x4 we talked about yesterday, Aquarium Specialty has yet another product they’ve recently introduced, this time in the form of a coral food. The new Reef Pearls is a highly nutritional, neutrally buoyant coral food that reportedly mimics plankton. The food contains micro-encapsulated particles that are stable in the water column for up to 24 hours and are said to not leak nutrients back into the tank. The individual pearls consists of different sizes, ranging from 5-200 micron, broadly targeting many different coral types.

It is recommended that you feed your tank Reef Pearls 3-4 times per day, especially if your tank is heavily populated with non-photosynthetic corals. This may seem like a daunting task, but because the food is dry, it can be dosed with a automatic feeder.


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