Hands On With the Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Strips

Aquarium Under Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED

Pair of 36" 12,000K Diamond White Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Strips over a 90-gallon rimless aquarium

We were recently sent a pair of 36″ long┬áMarine Fusion 12K White/453nm Actinic Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED strips for a hands on review, and while we only got to tinker with them for a few moments, we were so impressed with their output that we had to share. The LED strips were situated over our 90-gallon rimless aquarium, which is still cycling by the way, and the pair of strips was able to illuminate the entire aquarium while producing only a handful of shady spots. Despite their ability to bathe such a large area with light, more than two strips will be needed to illuminate this size aquarium long term because they are so thin. The heatsink on the strips is rather robust and barely gets warm to the tough even after the strips were on for several hours. The LEDs themselves are protected from splashing water by a plastic covering, and the strips are linkable with up to three sharing a single power supply.

The only thing I would like to see different at this point in our review of the Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED strips is the mounting hardware. Because I don’t have a canopy over any of my aquariums, the included mounting hardware is useless to me. In the videos Curent USA has released showing the strips, the lights are usually sitting directly on top of an open top aquarium. While this is a perfectly adequate way to use these lights, I would prefer to see some sort of plastic mounting bracket that secures either end of the strip to the aquarium, at least just to quell any fears of an LED strip going splash in my aquarium regardless of the fact that the strips are water resistant.

Stay tuned for PAR readings and a video review of the Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED strips.


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