TrueLumen Pro Strips Show Off Flexibility in Latest Videos


The TrueLumen Pro LED strips from Current USA , which we got the opportunity to review last year, are sleek strip lights that pack quite a punch. The light emitted from the diodes is relatively bright, as supported by our PAR numbers, making them versatile enough for almost any saltwater aquarium application, including full blown reef tanks. To further demonstrate that versatility, Current USA has released a pair of videos showing the strips in both nano (at the top of the article) and larger aquarium applications (after the page break).

We find the first video to be particularly interesting because we did something very similar to our office Biocube, with the only exception being the fact that we used the strips from the Current USA Padlite instead. In this first video, the user is gutting the stock lighting from the nano aquarium’s hood, replacing them with the new Current USA TrueLumen Pro Nano-Retrofit Kit. This new offering consists of a single 12” Marine Fusion LED striplight and one 12” Deepwater Actinic Blue striplight, which is obviously more than enough to fully illuminate the small aquarium. The stock reflector is left in place, which will help direct some stray light back into the aquarium, and the strips are secured with double sided adhesive. From experience, this tape is more than adequate in keeping the lights secured to the reflector.

In the second video, we see a similar dual kit setup, except this one features far larger lights. These dual strip kits come in 24”, 36″, and 48″ lengths, and with the new mounting brackets, they can be mounted to the top of the aquarium easily. Of course, if you have a canopy, the supplied hanging brackets work well too.


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  • While the quality of manufacture and finish of these lights is very high, as is the level of customer service, I have found the 8,000k ProLED lamps promoted by Current USA as good for freshwater planted tanks to be less than satisfactory at encouraging the growth of freshwater plants. They sustained growth in cryptocoryne, cardamine and wisteria, but failed to meet the needs of amazon swords, bacopa, rotala, cabomba, baby tears, and vallisneria, Even with CO2 and Flourish supplementation growth in these species was absent. It was not until I added 6,700K HO fluorescent lighting did plants respond positively. The video above would appear to make use of plastic plants rather than a flourishing freshwater planted tank. Current would do well to develop a 6,000K or 6,700K version of their ProLEDs as the quality of illumination from these lights remains consistent day to day and month to month, and the energy consumed as well as heat generated is reduced significantly.