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National Geographic Fishtank Kings

As many of you know, and as we wrote about yesterday, Fish Tank Kings premiered its debut episode last night on Nat Geo Wild. In case you haven’t been following the show’s press, it basically covers the work of Living Color Aquariums, and the first episode was all about the design and installation of the two giant saltwater aquarims at the new Marlins ballpark. Given the show’s focus on saltwater aquaria, we tuned in to see if the show did the hobby justice or made a mockery of it,¬†and we also asked our readers what they thought about the show over on our Facebook Page. We’ve broken down our opinion of the first episode of Fish Tank Kings below, and invite you to sound off in the comments section after the article.

The Good

The crew of Living Color Aquariums seemed very serious about their work. They wanted to impress clients, but more importantly, they wanted to make sure the aquarium livestock are healthy and taken from sustainable sources. This is seen by the company’s quarantining procedures and purchasing of captive bred livestock, which were porkfish in the first episode. They also seem concerned about stocking conditions and swimming space of the two aquariums they installed.

Another thing we noticed was that there seemed to be an air of humility around the facilities of Livnig Color Aquariums. The crew seemed grateful for their opportunity and didn’t inflate their own egos. Of course, others might think a little differently or could care less, but it was something we noticed.

The Bad

One thing about this show that turned off some of our Facebook fans was the language. On a few occasions, some choice words were bleeped from the show. While we don’t personally have an issue with language to a degree, this show can be viewed as family programming and should be treated as such. We’re not saying the first episode looked like it was directed by Quentin Tarantino or anything, but it did cause some folks to change channels.

Neither Here or There

The first episode was entertaining, but the president of the Miami Marlins was annoying. Of course, this shouldn’t reflect back on the Living Color Aquariums organization, but that guy got on our last nerve.

We have high hopes for Fish Tank Kings. They’ve seen what Tanked has done and the response from aquarium hobbyists that show has drawn, and Living Color Aquariums should learn from that information. Obviously, it all depends on how much creative control they have over their own show, but we’ll see what the future has in store.


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