AquaIllumination PowerPuck Gives the Vega Some Serious Color Treatment


Last month, the aquatic world was teeming with chatter after it was prematurely revealed that the yet-to-be-released AquaIllumination Vega would have several different color options available for its LEDs. At the time, all we had to go on was a seizure inducing video clip showing the intense amount of colors pulsing on and off, but fast forward a month or so and we’ve got an official release straight from the source. According to AI’s press release and the video above, users will be able to customize their Vega by swapping out stock hardware with tailor made Power Pucks designed by the user with the help of a color selecting software. The AI Vega will be sold and shipped in both the white and black fixtures with the standard array of LEDs (cool white, royal blue, and blue) and a warmer color option consisting of cool white, royal blue, blue, green, and deep red emitters. At that point, the user can purchase customized Power Pucks directly from AI, or that’s how we read it.

In terms of puck options, the user has many options. Starting with the center LED, Vega owners have three color choices: Cool White, Neutral White, and Warm White. Radiating from that center is a ring of four additional LEDs, which is where a majority of the customization can really take place. Seven different colors are available, including UV, Deep Blue, Royal Blue, Cool Blue, Green, Red, and Deep Red. Vega users can just drag and drop the color they want over the individual diodes until the fixture is exactly how they want it. It’s that simple. The only problem is deciding on the layout. If choosing from all of those colors is too daunting a task, AI has also included a graph of best estimate of what the spectrum might look like when every LED is powered at 100%. While this is quite helpful for getting the right type of light to your corals, it doesn’t really show us how it looks over an aquarium. Fortunately, with the help of the AI controller, the right look can be dialed in with a few button pushes.

From AI’s website:


Continuing the industry-shaping trend started five years ago with the release of our original AquaIllumination LED Module, we are pleased to announce the AI Vega- controlled by our adaptive AI Power Puck, the pinnacle of our engineering efforts.

The AI Power Puck provides nearly limitless color combinations, allowing custom configuration of each individual Power Pucks as desired.

As you customize and change the location of your Power Puck, its adaptive capabilities intelligently tells our proprietary control system the location and type of each LED. This allows each color to have independent control regardless of quantity or position within a module.

The AI Vega will begin shipping this summer in our traditional silver/white as well as the popular black housing color combination. We will offer two standard Vega LED combinations: cool white, royal blue, and blue; as well as cool white, royal blue, blue, green, and deep red for those that would like a warmer color combination. Custom Power Pucks may be purchased through our Color Configuration tool.

We appreciate all the feedback and comments regarding the Vega. It’s been a long time coming, but the wait will be worth it.

Patent Pending: C2 Development, Inc. manufacturer of the AquaIllumiation product line of LED lights for saltwater reef aquarium tanks.


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