Weekend Aquarium Meme Roundup


Talking Aquarist

It seems like everyone is at some aquarium conference or another, whether it be the Marine Aquarium Expo, the first annual Capital Coral City Corral, or some small local gathering of aquarium enthusiast, so today’s Weekend Aquarium Meme Roundup may fall on deaf ears. Still, we’ll press on because that’s just what we do. Tickling our funny bones today is a meme about chatty aquarium hobbyists, which is a category that most of us¬†obviously fall under. Along with that meme are several more that will likely relate to any of you in one way or another. And as always, if you would like to send a few more our way for next weekend’s roundup, hit us up on our Contact page.

Keanu Reeves Aquarium Conspiracy

Taken Aquarium Cycle

Shark Brain Vagina

Gem Tang or Ick

LOL Cat Aquarium Soup

Shark Scream

Challenge Accepted Tank

Smart Octopus

World's Smallest Aquarium


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