Vertex Cleaner Mags Look So Clean While Getting Dirty


Vertex Aquaristik Cleaner Mags

Vertex Aquaristik recently loaded us up with a whole bunch of their products for review, and in an attempt to work methodically and at a sufficient pace to properly cover each item leading up to MACNA later this month, we are going to take things slowly and start off with a preliminary review of the Cleaner-Mag lineup. Like the rest of the Vertex product line, the visual experience (e.g. style and simplicity) are held right up there with function. Simply put, these magnets are probably the best looking ones around and they work like a charm.

Currently, the Cleaner-Mags consist of four models, the Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, and Hexaplex, all of which range in size and shape from a quarter to an index card. All of them share many of the same features, which include a clear plastic housing that allows hobbyists to see the stylishly powerful magnets. Buffing and cleaning pads line the magnets’ cleaning surfaces, allowing hobbyists to scrape off any buildup on the inside or outside of the glass. The magnets do not come with an acyrlic specific cleaning pad, but like with any multipurpose magnet, a soft pad can be placed between the magnet and the acrylic panel.


The Hexaplex is the latest addition the Cleaner Mag lineup, and it’s also the largest. It’s slightly smaller than a 3″x5″ index card and sports an array of magnets that make it look more like a circuit board than a algae scraper. It is suitable for a glass thickness up to 15mm, or 5/8″. The retail price on the Hexaplex is $59.99, which is just under our original predicted price.

Vertex Cleaner Mag Hexaplex

Vertex Hexaplex Polishing Pad

Vertex Hexaplex Cleaner Pad


The Triplex is about half the size of the Hexaplex, and as its name implies, has three magnets. This feature set makes it suitable for tanks with glass that is 12mm (1/2″) thick or less. This model in the Cleaner Mag array runs about $34.99 at most retailers.

Vertex Cleaner Mag Triplex


The smallest mag cleaner in the Vertex toolkit is the aptly named Simplex. This tiny magnet, unlike its larger brethren, has a round magnet for the exterior of the aquarium and a smaller square magnet for the inside. The magnets are still encased in clear plastic, and the same cleaning pads serve to knock down algae that sticks to the tank walls. A maximum glass thickness of 6mm is the only limitation on the Simplex, and coupled with its tiny size, the magnet is perfect for all manner of nano aquariums. The retail price is a very affordable $10.

Vertex Cleaner Mag Simplex

Vertex Cleaner Mag Simplex Wet Side

Vertex Simplex Cleaner Mag Size

Common Features

Vertex Hexaplex Side View

Vertex Cleaner Mag Pad


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