The AquaNerd Weekly Recap


AquaNerd Weekly Recap

Monday is upon us once again, and despite having five full workdays ahead of you, we can still have an enjoyable week. If you’re stuck at a boring job and need to get away for a few, why not check out our top articles from last week? We even packaged them up in one convenient location. From the week of September 22nd through the 28th, or most popular articles include a young aquarium industry employee being mudered during a road rage incident, a sponge that looks very much like a Sesame Street character, a look at some fancy coral holders from Aqua Medic, another set of underwater photos featuring those funny miniature figurines, and a pair of men pleading guilty to wildlife trafficking. We hope you enjoyed the articles, and as always, we’ll have another week full of aquarium hobby coverage ahead of us, so stay tuned.


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