Quantum USA Fish Enhance


Quantum USA is becoming well known in the US for it’s various marine salt mixes and aquarium additives. Until yesterday, we hadn’t heard about Fish Enhance and Will H. at Quantum USA was kind enough to send us a bottle to try out.

So what is Quantum Fish Enhance? In a nut shell, Quantum Fish Enhance is a garlic based food designed improve fish health, increase appetite and boost vitality in marine and freshwater fish. Fish Enhance is a unique blend of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and beta-glutens. Unlike some garlic supplements, Fish Enhance will not pollute the aquarium water with unwanted oils. The product is water based and 100% water-soluble and it can be used for all types of fish and it can be used daily with no side effects.

Dosing Instructions: Simply add 1-2 drops per cube of fish food then soak for a minimum of 5 minutes and feed as per normal. With the need to only add 1-2 drop per cubed fish food, this bottle should last the average aquarist a very long time indeed.

Fish Enhance is now available and a 50 ml bottle retails for $34.95. To find a store near you visit the Quantum Dealer Locator Page or search for it online.


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Scott Groseclose is the owner of AquaNerd, Aquarium Specialty, Aqua Specialty Wholesale, BioTek Marine, & The Carolina Reef Experience. He has a degree in Biology from St. Andrews University and he has been a passionate reef keeper since 1988.