Ultra LE Aiptasia Listed on eBay for $500


Ultra LE $500 Aiptasia

Here’s a story that has us scratching our heads, mostly because we aren’t sure if this guy is for real or if it’s just some misguided way to get attention. Regardless, it’s a story we couldn’t pass up. eBay user “Easy-Coral” listed an Ultra LE Aiptasia Anemone for sale, or auction rather. People have listed these and majano anemones in the past, but this eBayer takes the cake. The pest anemones are plastered with phrases like “super rare” and “limited edition”, and have a starting bid set at $500 with $25 shipping. You heard that right, $500 for an aquarium pest.

Interestingly, this seller has a 100% rating on eBay, which is even more misleading. Digging into it a little reveals most of thread are from purchases that this individual made, and are not actually related to his or her selling activity. We just hope others realize this. Even more interesting is the fact that Easy-Corals has plenty of other items for sale, all of which are typical corals like Zoanthids, Euphyllids, and mushrooms.

Adding even more fuel to the fire are statement that lead people to believe the coral is cultured, and that only healed corals are sold. Even more perplexing is the statement “PLEASE……………. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU SEE ON EBAY!!!!”, which is posted at the top of the details section.

This sort of listing seems quite predatory on aquarium keepers who are just getting into the hobby and do t know any better. Aiptasia, like many other pests, are the scourge of the aquarium hobby and a listing like this only sets people up for failure. So, we as a community should speak up and do something. We will have emails in to the seller and to eBay, and we encourage you to do the same. Hopefully we can get the listing pulled.

Hat tip to Fishdealz for posting about this horrible eBay listing.


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  • Nicole

    Ha! I’ve got a few of these I’d be willing to sell. Or kill… either way! Little bastards.

  • Thomas Reberholt

    This is a way to get a lot of links and right now you are helping this person get a lot of visits and after he remove this from ebay he will still get the visits ! http://fishdealz.com/today-on-the-bay-a-500-aiptasia-anemone/

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  • Juanell Primus

    this is what i wrote the guy [dude read the article written about this thing, and i found the article was misleading, you did not lie or hype the “pest” some people like to culture things like this i know people who breed roaches, so, i’m with and support you, what i would say, since its a pest coral you might want to sell it for less, but good luck buddy] what if i was looking for this “pest coral” then i’d be glad to find it, if you buy something with out researching it your an ass, no offence, if i buy a dog, then i should know about that dog, is it only in the fish world we don’t do research on the SH!T we put in the tank with our other fish, of course not, unless your an ass, no ones that stupid, so leave this guy alone, he’s selling something, and someone might be looking fot that very thing, get off your high horse dude, this is America [i hope, may not be too long from now] but it kinda still is America, i onetime posted the sale of my right testicle for [$20,000 buyer must provide reputable sergeant, transportation and hospital/hotel stay] hay if someone wanted it they would have had it, still have the listing, its just not active

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