Our Most Interesting Livestock Stories from 2013

Quality Marine Captive Bred Clarion Angel

The first ever commercially available captive bred Clarion Angelfish from Quality Marine.

While 2013 has been a year full of new aquarium equipment, from protein skimmers to LED products, there were also a lot of interesting stories on fish, invertebrates, and corals as well. We featured a lot of different livestock articles here on the AquaNerd Blog, and we’ve rounded up our most interesting and unusual stories in this handy dandy recap. We realize that this article is a tad late, but what did you expect, we’re busy and the holidays were draining. The articles are organized into three different categories, “The Rare”, “The Unusual”, and the “What Were They Thinking”.

The Rare
Did Five Peppermint Angelfish Really Just Show Up at Blue Harbor?
Blue Harbor set the pace early for a wild 2013, at least in terms of rare livestock. They hauled in five peppermint angelfish in February, only to add several more later in the year. Some of the peppermint angels even made it into the US.

Blue Harbor Peppermint Angelfish

Pair of Dr. Seuss Soapfish Show Up at AquaSD
Another super rare fish that became a little more available in 2013 was the Dr. Seuss Soapfish (Belonoperca pylei). AquaSD got their mitts on a pair of them, as did a few other companies and individuals.

Dr. Suess Soapfish AquaSD

Red Sea Maxima Clams Enter the US for First Time in 15 Years
For the first time in almost two decades, the insanely beautiful Red Sea maxima clams (Tridacna maxima) became available for US hobbyists thanks to Barnett Shutman of RVS Fish World and Golden Coast For Fishing & Sea Products.

Red Sea Maxima Clams

Quality Marine Announces First Ever Commercial Availability of Captive Bred Clarion Angels
This was one of the more groundbreaking stories of last year. A captive bred clarion angelfish became commercially available for the first time ever in the history of the aquarium hobby. There was only one available, but that lone fish is paving the way for more to come.

Quality Marine Captive Bred Clarion Angel

Cirrhilabrus squirei Lands in the US for the First Time
We love wrasses, especially those really rare ones. Thanks to Pacific Island Aquatics, the US saw its first ever Squire’s wrasse.

Cirrhilabrus squirei Pacific Island Aquatics

The Unusual
Rare Navy Blue Tomato Clownfish at iBluewater
Clownfish are known for their orange and red coloration, but last year, iBluewater showed off a navy blue tomato clownfish. How unusual is that?

Navy Blue Tomato Clown

Sustainable Aquatics Shows Off Clownfish with Betta-like Fins
Speaking of unusual clownfish, Sustainable Aquatics shared their “fancy clownfish”, which looked like a beta with its elaborate finnage. Most people thought the fish was Photoshopped, and we even had our doubts. But subsequent posts about the fish on Facebook proved it was the real deal.

Sustainable Aquatics Longfin Clownfish

Tridacna squamosa x crocea hybrid clams pop up at LiveAquaria
Another unique find for 2013 was the appearance of hybrid clams at LiveAquaria. These were crosses between Tridacna squamosa and T. crocea, and Kevin Kohen did a fantastic job showing the differences and similarities between the hybrid and both parental species.

Indonesian Cultured Squamosa Crocea Hybrid Clam

Captive Bred Flamboyant Cuttlefish Available for the First Time
This was the biggest story at MACNA 2013. ReefGen announced their captive bred flamboyant cuttlefish at the LiveAquaria booth. Though super tiny, the trio of cuttles stole the show, and our hearts (cheesy line, I know). This is the first time that captive bred flamboyant cuttlefish have been available, though we haven’t heard of any being sold at this point.

Captive Bred Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Xanthic Undulate Triggerfish a Brilliant Yellow Head Turner
This last fish on our list of unusual livestock came late in the year, like the last month of the year. Still, it’s a truly unique fish. Ocean and Sea BKK Thailand shared a set of images of a xanthic Undulate Triggerfish, which shunned all of its natural coloration for a bright yellow body with orange stripes and spots.

Xanthic Undulate Triggerfish

What Were They Thinking
Ultra LE Aiptasia Listed on eBay for $500
This story truly shocked us. Someone on eBay was selling an Aiptasia anemone for $500 and even gave it an “Ultra LE” moniker. We contacted the seller to give them an earful and discuss deceitful business practices, and they swore up and down that they were not trying to deceive anyone. Give me a break!

Ultra LE $500 Aiptasia

Bristleworms Spawning in an Aquarium Sends Shivers Up Our Spines
This story had us running for the water change gear. A hobbyist shared video of bristleworms spawning in an aquarium, and for many, these worms are unwelcome guests.

Massive Bristleworm

When Tangs Attackā€¦and Draw Lots of Blood
We all know that fish can be dangerous, but not those peaceful tangs? Well, that wasn’t the case for this hobbyist, whose hand was sliced open by the blade of one of his surgeonfish.

Daniel Linehan Tang Injury

Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral Reportedly Has Four Figure Price Tag
Mushroom corals are nice an all, but not four figure price tag nice. Apparently, a coral vendor was selling jawbreaker mushrooms for thousands of dollars a piece. Thankfully, mushroom corals can be easily propagated and the price on jawbreakers has come down significantly.

Sexy Corals Jawbreaker Mushroom

Bobbit Worm Violently Attacks, Kills Lionfish [Video]
This story was unusual, but it satisfied our more primal and sadistic sides. A huge bobbit worm attacked a lionfish and dragged it under the sand, where it was presumably consumed as a very large meal.

UW Invasion - Bobbit Worm by Jason Isley

Photo Credit: Jason Isley/scubazoo


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