The AquaNerd Weekly Recap


AquaNerd Weekly Recap

December is finally here and that means there will be plenty of presents for all of you good little aquarium keepers. But Christmas isn’t quite here yet, and we’ve still got plenty of days to go before we get to tear into those new lights and controllers that Santa will be bringing us (hopefully). Standing right in our path to presents is today, a Monday of all days. Thankfully, it’s full of aquarium related stuff, so it’s not totally bad. Kicking off our week is our normal recap of last week’s top articles. From the week of December 1st through the 7th, or most popular reads include a look at Tridacnid clams, a public aquarium founder getting arrested for animal trafficking, the oceans losing a friend, a new aquarium game for mobile devices, and the first ever appearance of a rare wrasse species on US soil. We hope you enjoyed the articles, and as always, we’ll have another week full of aquarium hobby coverage ahead of us, so stay tuned.


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