Recapping a Busy 2013 for Oceans Reefs & Aquariums (ORA)


ORA 2013 Recap

We had originally intended to do a generalized recap from 2013 focusing on all of the amazing livestock we came across during the year. As we compiled our list, however, we found that Oceans Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) basically dominated all of the other stories. After all, they introduced the aquarium keeping world to several new captive bred fish and a handful of new aquacultured coral frags. So, we decided to give ORA their very own roundup.

Below you’ll find all of our ORA coverage from the year, starting with the most recent story and moving on to the oldest. It’s hard to pick a favorite, and all of them were quite popular, so it’s difficult to even pick based on that metric. Regardless, we applaud the fantastic work by Oceans Reefs & Aquariums and can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for them.

ORA Yellowstriped Cardinalfish Now Available in Small Numbers

ORA Yellowstriped Cardinalfish

Eastern Hulafish is an Interesting New Addition to the ORA Lineup

ORA Eastern Hulafish

ORA Leucokranos Clownfish Seen Spawing in Captivity [Video]

ORA Leucokranos Clownfish

Mind Trick Montipora is the Latest Coral from ORA

ORA Mind Trick Montipora

Captive Bred ORA Randall’s Assessor Officially Available

ORA Randall's Assessor

ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clowns Finally Available at Retailers

ORA Gold Nugget Clownfish

ORA Blood Orange Clownfish a Hybrid Between Gold Stripe Maroon and Ocellaris Clowns

ORA Blood Orange Clownfish

ORA Easter Egg Chalice Gets Shown Off at MACNA

ORA Easter Egg Chalice

ORA Showing Off Hybrid Black Neon Dottyback Here at MACNA

ORA Black Neon Dottyback

ORA Unveils Latest Soft Coral, the Vargas Cespitularia

ORA Vargas Cespitularia

ORA Now Offering Premium Grade Black Snowflake Clownfish

ORA Black Snowflake Clownfish

ORA Adds a Shade of Green to their Tabling Planet Acros

ORA Green Planet

ORA Unveils Newest Maricultured Acro, the Ant Inisignis

ORA Ant (Acropora) Insignis

The New ORA Mint Pavona isn’t your typical Cactus Coral

ORA Mint Pavona


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